Frequently Asked Questions

How were the ingredients in 4BrainFog chosen?

The ingredients in 4BrainFog were chosen to work together to improve clarity of thought, while also boosting memory, concentration, energy and even mood. We searched for the most complete solution to the dulled, unfocused, cloudy thinking that people commonly refer to as “brain fog.” And we found it.

The fourth principle of your four principles is “Tested by Thousands.” What does that mean?

4BrainFog was created by our company 4VitaHealth. We bring no product to market before it has been used by thousands of people to make sure it is rated as both safe and effective. Far too many companies rush to market products that they “think” will be rated highly or that have been tested on a few dozen people. We don’t sell a single bottle of any 4VitaHealth product until we’ve watched it used by—literally–thousands of people.

Can I take 4BrainFog with my prescribed medications?

4BrainFog is considered safe to use with all prescribed medications. However, we advise you to consult with your doctor to make certain there are no contraindications for you, personally.

Will I notice results from 4BrainFog right away?

Some people may experience results from 4BrainFog the very first day they take it. These are typically increased focus and energy and less “cloudiness.” Results improve over time, as well, because the ingredients in 4BrainFog build brain performance with continued use.

Should I talk to my doctor before starting 4BrainFog?

If you have serious medical illnesses or health concerns or worry there could be an acute medical problem you worry could be causing your thinking to be cloudy, we certainly encourage you to consult with your health care provider prior to starting 4BrainFog. The ingredients in 4BrainFog, however, are safe and were used by thousands of people before we sold a single bottle to the public.

Is there a doctor involved in 4BrainFog or 4VitaHealth?

Yes. 4BrainFog by 4VitaHealth is brought through a collaboration between a Johns Hopkins trained doctor and a business leader who both realized the vast impact of “brain fog” on millions of people and the very significant toll it can take on every one of them. They are determined to make a difference in people’s lives by bringing them life-changing, all natural, FDA compliant supplements.

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